Installing a Sunvisor

The Pontiac  Catalina and convertible have distinct fitting brackets adjacent to the door openings which require the use of the brackets shown. Here the three mounting holes have been drilled for installation.

I belive the saloons fit to the drip rails.

Checking that the visor is correctly located and in place, this takes place before locating and marking out the centre bracket.
I used 6mm stainless bolts to fit the visor to the brackets.

With the two end brackets in place you can trial fit the centre bracket. When fitted to the underside of the visor you can then draw around the edge of the bracket and mark out where to drill the roof.


Check this many times.  You only want to drill once and in the correct place!

I used this nut-sert tool. It works like a rivet gun, but the 'rivet' has a threaded insert which the location screw for the centre bracket screws into.

Make sure you also use a good and sharp drill bit. I taped uo the end of th ebit so it didnt slip through the roof skin and damage the headling.

A close up of the nut-sert, also called
Hers the first insert fitted.
The lower two holes caused a problem, the inserts were too long as there is a second skin approx 1/4" under the outer one. Therefore I needed to drill a second hole through that skin also. There was still lots of room before you reach the headling, so no need to worry too much, just take care.
Bracket is now fitted and mounted on a rubber pad. This was later trimmed to size with a sharp modelling knife.


The final result is a sunvisor which is nicely fitted and very secure. 

Next job will be to instal a Traffic Light viewer inside the car. 

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