The History Of My Car
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Having got the car home and parked it in my garage, I then wondered why I had bought such a large car.  I would open the garage and wonder where to start work on the Pontiac.   The car was initially subjected to a thorough valet inside and out to assess its condition, which was found to be excellent with very minimal rust in body or chassis.

One of the first problems encountered was a leaking fuel tank. The smell of petrol was always present although no leak was obvious. Eventually a small damp patch was seen on the fuel tank, which when cleaned revealed a small hole.  Several buckets later all the fuel had been drained form the tank. the tank was then dropped from the car and thoroughly cleaned. This revealed many small holes and what appeared to be an earlier repair patch.  Locating a spare tank in the UK would not be possible.  I first opted for a fuel tank cleaner and lining product but this did not adhere to the inside of the tank.

After more research I found a product called Tank Re-Nu.  This process shot blasts the tank inside and out, and then coats the tank with a plastic resin. It has a lifetime guarantee and the final result was excellent. The tank was replaced in the car and the leaks were now eliminated.  The sender unit was not accurate and also need to be replaced. A new sender was sourced from California Pontiac Restoration and installed. The fuel system was now complete and trouble free. 


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