The History Of My Car
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I purchased my 1953 Pontiac Custom Catalina in 2004.  It had been imported to the UK from Canada in 2002, where it had spent the last few years on the West Coast.

After clearing customs the car was taken to Farnborough where North American Motor Co  prepared it for its Mot prior to registering in the UK.  The car was subsequently sold and moved to Watford, before a short few months in Ashford, Kent.  I had seen the car advertised and, although I wanted a late 50's car, this was the only Hardtop available at the time which was solid and in very original condition.

This was the car as I first saw it, parked in a leafy driveway, and exactly as described by the vendor.

This was the first 50's car that I had seen which showed real potential and had very little rust. 
The paintwork is typical 'parade' car style, and will require refreshing in the future.



The drive back to the South Coast proved fun as the tyres were under inflated adding to the non-power assisted steering's heaviness. The car drove without fault and the radio tuned into Marvin Gayes 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine', the only song the old Valve Radio managed to play for the entire journey. It has never worked since.


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