Body By Fisher Service News for 1953 Pontiac's

There were three Fisher Body Manuals issued during the year of 1953 to assist technicians when repairing and maintaining your car.  I have split the Manuals into smaller sections which I hope you find more managable to read.

Fisher Body Manual No 1
Vol 12. Pontiac No 1, 11-15-52
Removal, Installation of front End and Rear Compartment Body Hardware Parts Including Windshield and Back Glass

Closed Body Styles,Front End Body Hardware Parts, Windshield Wiper Assembly Removal and Installation, Instrument Panel Compartment Box, Door & Lock

Windshield Assembly, Removal, Installation and Sealing Procedure, Back Glass Removal.

Back Glass Installation & Sealing Procedure, Rear Compartment Hardware Parts (Lid, Hinge & Lock), Weather Strip Installation on Lid & Gutter

Pontiac Closed Body Wiring Diagram (2 door & 4 door Sedan Style)



Fisher Body Manual No 2
Vol 12. Pontiac No 2, 11-15-52
Door Parts, Seats and Trim Assembly Removal Operations

Front Door Assembly, Rear Door Assembly, Lock Striker, Inside Handles, Arm Rest, Trim Pads, Glass Run Channels, Front Ventilator Regulator.

Door Window Glass, Lock Remote Control, Window Regulator, Outside Handle and Lock Assembly, Lock Striker, Rear Door Locks and Door Check Link Assembly.

Door Weather Strips, Outside Mouldings, 1953 Front Seats Tiliting and Fixed Back, Rear Quarter Hardware and Trim Parts, Door and Fender Mouldings, Interior Trim.

Headling Removal and Installation



Fisher Body Manual No 3
Vol 12. Pontiac No 3, 11-28-52
Removal And Installation Of Body Parts
Pontiac Catalina & Convertible Series

Front End Windshield Assembly

Back Glass Assembly + Door Hardware

Door Glass, Ventilator, Weatherstrip, Exterior Door Handles & Mouldings 

Rear Quarter Glass Adjustments, Convertible Roof Weatherstrip & Adjustments

Side Roof Rail Mechanical Strip, Side Roof Rail Qtr Sealing Strip, Headlining

Exterior Mouldings


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