1953 Pontiac ~ 6 Volt Electrics

One of the issues of running an older car is that of 6 Volt Electrical Systems.
I had the option of converting to a 12 Volt Electrical System when I purchased my car, as a new battery was required at that time.  However I wasn't sure of exactly what I required to make the change so decided to stay with 6 Volts.

The 6v system works well, and it must be remembered that the car was designed to use this by the factory, so it can't all be bad.

However, the time does arise when you want to make some upgrades to your car.  The ones I have chosen to adopt are as follows:

Electric Fuel Pump - Flexolite in the UK. Oldtime Parts in the USA (check out Ebay as they have lots for sale.  These pumps are sometimes called Marshall Pumps, and are based on OE GM Delco parts. Depending on where you buy from, they are either made in the USA or Mexico.

Electronic Ignition - Pertronix Ignitor, Part No 1183N6 (Box states 8-16v, but works fine on 6v)

6v Coil - Pertronix Flame Thrower 2, Part No 45001 Chrome finish, oil filled

Alternator - Antique Auto Battery, Ohio. It's not shown on their website, so give them a call to discuss. They also supply a universal mount to help in fitting. Please also check out 5th Avenue Internet Garage, who do a similar item as well.

Halogen Headlights - There are a couple of options here. Either sealed beam, or new reflector units which accept bulbs. Bulbs can be sourced from most vintage car part suppliers, and even from Ebay.

6v to 12v Booster - In the UK this is available from Autosound, Bradford.
art no. NGVB-HC. 
In the USA Chevs of The 40's and Jim Carter Truck Parts sell the same.

This booster was by far the hardest item I had to locate. This has allowed me to run a modern stereo (hidden in the glove box), and fit a 12v cigerette lighter / power outlet, which can be used to charge mobile phones and satellite navigation systems.


Please read the Alternator Gazette by 5th Avenue Internet Garage, as they also discuss all these items, and can also supply them directly to you. A One Stop shop!

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