Pontiac Service Craftsman News

These News articles were issued monthly and contained important service information that should be cross referenced with the
Work Shop Manuals.

May I also thank Charles Coker for supplying the missing articles, and ensuring all the months will now be included.

January 1953
Hydra-matic Information

February 1953
Improved Wiper Cable Tension Adjustment

March 1953
Servicing Spark Plugs

April 1953
Wheel Alignment Tolerances Changed

May 1953
Hydra-Matic Diagnosis Road Test Guide 1948 - 1953

June 1953
Simplified Hand Controls For Handicapped Persons

July 1953
New Hydra-Matic and Flat Rate Manual

August 1953
Power Steering Pump Changed To Vane Type

September 1953
71 Ten Year Service Craftsmen Honoured

September (Extra) 1953
New Procedure On Convertible Top Replacement

October 1953
Powerglide Transmission Service Information

November 1953
Additional Powerglide Service Information

December 1953
1954 New Model Information


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