The Website For 1953 Pontiac Catalina's

This website is to help promote and
share information on the
1953 Pontiac Custom Catalina. 

Many of the details will also relate to the
1953 Pontiac Chieftain cars
and also the later 1954 models. 

If you have any photos of
1953 Pontiac Catalina's that you would like shown, then please email them to me. I will try to keep the site updated on a regular basis with history and specifications.


Two Great New Albums


Click on the image above to see the album.



Peters stunning Catalina on the left is from Sweden

Seans car has been in the family since new! He is the second owner, after his uncle

Do you need a Drink or New T Shirt?

Now you can purchase a Mug or T-shirt
depicting 53 Catalina.
The artwork was commissioned from Martin Griffin of Creative Wisdom, and limited edition printsare still available, although the design is slightly different.
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  Whats New ?  

6 Volt Electrics

Some useful tips to help
you out with sourcing
6volt items
and upgrading the
older items on your car.



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